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Top 50 Cat Breeds

AbyssinianAmerican BobtailAmerican Curl
American ShorthairAmerican WirehairBalinese
British ShorthairBurmeseCalifornia Spangled Cat
Chantilly/TiffanyChartreuxColorpoint Shorthair
Cornish RexDevonshire RexDomestic Long Hair
Domestic Medium HairDomestic ShorthairEgyptian Mau
European ShorthairExotic ShorthairHavana Brown
HimalayanJapanese BobtailKorat
Maine CoonManxMunchkin
NebelungNorwegian Forest CatOcicat
RagamuffinRagdollRussian Blue
SavannahScottish FoldSiamese
Turkish AngoraTurkish Van

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