Siamese Cats

You might wish this breed came with a mute button. Siamese are vocal and demanding, capable of conveying its wants in a range from mews to loud raspy calls. Siamese are also curious, affectionate and athletic. Their vocalization sounds like human baby cries. They love to be around their favorite people and tend to share your pillow at bedtime.


Siamese Pictures

  • Siamese cat named Fluffy
  • Siamese cat named Jacob
  • Siamese cat named Cloudy
  • Siamese cat named Peanut
  • Siamese cat named Tab
  • Siamese cat named Missy
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Quick Facts

  • 9 – 14 pounds | male
    6 – 10 pounds | female
  • about 23 inches | male
    about 21 inches | female

Ideal Human Companions

    • Busy, active families
    • Singles with other pets
    • Experienced cat owners

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Trademark Traits

    • Very talkative
    • Deep blue eyes
    • Lean, angular body
    • Intelligent and energetic
    • People oriented

What They Are Like to Live With

Highly intelligent, this breed can be trained to perform commands and tricks and has proven to be a viable competitor in feline agility.

Things You Should Know

Their coats darken with age.

Siamese cats are very vocal.

Responsible breeding practices have bred out the cross-eyed and kinked tail tendencies.

Siamese History

One of the oldest and most recognizable cat breeds in the world, the Siamese traces its royal roots back to the 14th Century in Thailand when it was known as Siam. This elegant breed belonged to members of the Siam royal family who would bestow them to visiting dignitaries.

This breed began showing up in Europe and the United States by the late 1800s. The first known Siamese to reach American shores was a gift to First Lady Lucy Webb Hayes from the American consul in Bangkok in 1884. Siamese also enjoyed time in the White House during the Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter presidencies.

Today, the Siamese ranks fifth in popularity among all breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association, the world’s largest breed registry.

The Look of a Siamese

Highly recognizable, the Siamese sports deep blue, almond-shaped eyes, a chiseled, wedge-shaped head, sleek, tubular body and large pointed ears. The body is muscular but delicate.

Its short hair coat contains a mutated enzyme in its pigment that produces its cream colored torso offset by darker points at the ears, face, and toes. The CFA recognizes four “points” or colors of Siamese: seal (black), chocolate (brown), blue (grey dilution of seal) and lilac (dilution of the chocolate). TICA allows more colors, including lynx and tortoiseshell.

Females weight between 5 and 6 pounds and males average between 6 and 7 pounds.

Regarded as a healthy breed, the Siamese can be genetically predisposed to problems with gingivitis and a liver-destroying disease called amyloidosis.

Talk About Siamese 

Siamese cats are eternal kittens

My favorite breed is the Siamese. I have five of these adorable fun-loving cats, two beautiful males and three delightful Siamese girls. The Siamese cat is known as the eternal kitten - the cat that never grows up. They are very intelligent, and very loyal. They will bond with just one person, and often do not like strangers. The Siamese cat is very loud, vocal and talkative. They are also the most social cats. They all have individual personalities. No Siamese cat is quite the same.

~Michelle L., owner of five Siamese cats

Beautiful and chatty

I have two Siamese cats and I have owned Siamese cats for over 20 years. I love the breed because they are talkative, sort of interactive, very affectionate, and simply beautiful. They follow me around, sit on my lap, and tell me when they are hungry and uncomfortable. And they purr almost every time I touch them - such wonderful cats!

~Micki, owner of two Siamese cats

Entertainment for hours

We have two Siamese cats. One is a 5-year-old male named Pizzazz and the other is a female kitten named Jasmine. They are highly entertaining and funny. They are also loyal and follow us around. They both play fetch. Pizzazz is a jumper and a climber, wanting to be on the highest piece of furniture he can get on. Jasmine loves the mice with noisy beads inside. They both will bat toys around like they are baseball or soccer players. They are beautiful cats and highly intelligent and affectionate. They bring lots of joy to our lives. Almost everyone that comes into our home falls in love with them.

~Terri, owner of two Siamese cats

Not a cat for children

My favorite cat breed is the Siamese. They are not aloof like some cats and love being around people. They also love to talk to you. Siamese cats are very intelligent overall.

I have two and they have different personalities. Sissy the female is very vocal and is not shy about letting her demands be known. She will tap me on the shoulder to wake me in the morning. If I don't respond right away she will tug at my hair. JR the male is not quite as vocal.

A word of warning: My Siamese don't like children. I don't know if that's the case with other Siamese cats and I would recommend the breed regardless.

~Darleen H., owner of two Siamese cats

Opinionated, people-loving felines

I love the personalities of Siamese cats. They always have opinions and do not hesitate to share them. They always want to be near their peeps. Mine have learned their names and come when called. They learn tricks easily, if you have the patience and time.

Of the six Siamese cats that have deemed us good enough to be their parents, four have also lived with our dog and of them have enjoyed his company.

I was told that I was allergic to kitties, but the Siamese that have been in my life do not cause me any issues at all. They do well with children if the introductions are on the kitty's terms! I would really recommend them to any one who wants a kitty with a friendly, outgoing nature.

~Ingrid R., owner of six Siamese cats

A picture perfect breed

In the UK the Siamese is a prized breed without the recent extremes of contemporary breeding. My childhood cats Kimbo and Polo were of this type, blue point, and were the most affectionate playful and characterful cats ever. They were great with us kids, and didn't mind being handled and carried around in all sorts of ways, and were always curious about visitors. They were complete "lap fungus," loved cuddling humans and the dogs and would love to play right into old age. They were also very pretty and loved posing for photos. They did have some less endearing behaviors like climbing legs when people were standing in the kitchen and stealing food, but this we just found funny. Siamese cats are great. They just need a little more attention and assertion of authority than your average moggy!

~Amanda, owner of a Siamese

Beautiful, intelligent and loving

I own three traditional "applehead" Siamese cats. They are beautiful, intelligent, and loving. Each cat has a unique personality. They are eager to please. They also love to talk, play and snuggle. They are not mean cats as some think. They are gentle and devoted and give their hearts to you passionately. They tend to be interactive and enjoy being part of your life.

~Diane, owner of 3 Siamese cats

A cat dedicated to only you

I only own one Siamese cat. She is a Chocolate Point. She tells me everything that's on her mind. She DOES have a problem with separation anxiety and bawls me out something fierce when I come home. She's extremely loving - a cat pretty much dedicated to me only and hides if someone stops by who she doesn't know. She can identify a visitor simply by the WAY they knock or by the sound of their footsteps. Her favorite place to sleep (in the day) is in her bed on top of the fridge. At night she likes to sleep at the foot of my bed, next to my feet. She's the most wonderful buddy I've ever had. Get a Siamese cat only if you want a loving, loyal, smart cat.

~Sallie B., owner of a Siamese

Wonderful companions

I own two applehead Siamese cats. They have been the loves of my life for 12 years. The girls always tell you what's on their minds and are always front and center for attention and loving. They are very devoted to their people. Someone earlier called them "lap fungus!" How true! They like nothing better than snuggling and staying in your lap until you can't take it anymore. If you want a less interactive cat, this is not the breed for you. Unfortunately, this breed is also prone to asthma.

~Carol Z., owner of two applehead Siamese cats

A loyal pet who loves to watch at bathtime

Penelope Fiona is the cat that owns us. She's loyal to the bone! She loves to play, she's quite loving, entertaining, and a great companion to our 20-year-old Shih Tzu. That said, she's not a child's cat and she doesn't care for strangers.

She greets us first thing in the morning looking for her breakfast and loves to sit in the garden with us.

I have read over and over again how this breed in partcular tends to be a one-owner pet. That's not the case with us. She's equally devoted to both me and my husband. When he's not home, she frets. She paces and sits by the door. When he finally gets home, she's quite vocal and can't wait to get into his lap.

When it's bathtime for me, she sits on the edge of my Jacuzzi tub and plays in the water. When it's bedtime, she's the first one to climb into our big antique Queen Anne. We love this cat and can't imagine our lives without her.

~Dave and Lauryn, owner of a Siamese

Intelligent and sweet

I love Siamese cats because they are so intelligent and wise. They can be intuitive, like a lot of cats. My cat, Sandy, picks up on my emotions. If I'm having a bad day or watching a sad movie, she'll come up and cheekrub and knead as if to say, "You don't have to say anything, I know how you feel."

When I first got her and told my Mom I got a Siamese, she said, "Oh no, they're loud, aren't they?" Mine can get loud. She doesn't like car rides, either but then most cats don't.

I love the original appleheads, and I have a lynx point. I adopted her when she was 12. Her former owner couldn't care for her anymore, and her son wanted to shoot poor Sandy! I'm glad her life was saved. These past four years with her have been wonderful.

~Niki M., owner of a Lynx Point Siamese

Loyal and sweet, but don't shave her fur

My daughter, who is 8, wanted a Siamese, so we got Coco, who is now 2. She is the sweetest cat ever. Loyal to me in particular she talks a lot when I am home and stays with me all the time. She gets along with two dogs, one cat, one guinea pig, and one chameleon! She loves my little daughter, too. Coco loves to lie down in a basket, my arms, or on the computer keypad.

Warning: Do not shave your Siamese cat unless you want its fur to become darker! That's what happened to ours.

~Andrea and Ludovica D., owner of a Siamese

Drop-dead gorgeous athletes and talkers

My first Siamese was Hugo, named by a boyfriend who actually named him You Go because he didn't like cats. I should have known then that he and I wouldn't work out...

Hugo played hide and seek with me, jumped up into my arms on command, slept in a big wooden bowl on our counter, opened bathroom doors when guests were "busy," LOVED to ride in the car and couldn't wait to get into his cat carrier, and preferred to travel draped around the shoulders of anyone, anytime, anywhere. I got him because he was so beautiful and loved him because he was Hugo.

After Hugo, the only cats I have had are Siamese, or Siamese mix. My SIamese have loved for 11, 17, 18, and 22 1/2 (documented) years. They have all been loyal, highly intelligent, devoted to me, drop-dead gorgeous, athletes, talkers, and precious beyond belief. All of them have been a blessing.

~Leslie R, owner of Siamese cats forever

Very vocal and full of personality

I have had cats all my life but none could compare with the personality of my Traditional Siamese cat. Artemis, who I named after the Greek goddess of the hunt. She is intelligent, curious, and very vocal when she wants to tell you something.

I have heard that Siamese cats are very friendly, but my experience has been that my cat loves my husband, likes me, and can't stand anyone else, with the exception of a few people. I am always surprised when she is nice to a new person.

Artemis has six toes on each front paw, which has added to her mischief, as she has learned to open cupboards. She has a great love for baked goods, which we have to keep out of her reach. She also has a shoe and foot fetish, the more stinky the better in her case.

~Renee E, owner of a Siamese