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  • Exotic Shorthair cat named Beignet
  • Exotic Shorthair cat named Odysseus
  • Exotic Shorthair cat named Puppy (In Loving Memory)
  • Exotic Shorthair cat named Ali
  • Exotic Shorthair cat named Abi (In Loving Memory)
  • Exotic Shorthair cat named Sophie
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Flat-faced sweethearts

My fave breed is the Exotic Shorthair. I have two of these flat-faced sweethearts. While they are high maintenance (daily brushing and eye cleaning are required) and costly to own, they are worth it! Exotics tend to be even tempered, easygoing, and affectionate. They generally don't like to be left alone and can become very attached to their owners. My two follow me around from room to room and although they aren't lap cats, they are always close by. My oldest one doesn't let me shower or use the bathroom alone! My favorite things about my Exotics are their sweet loving purrsonalities, thick soft coats, large round eyes, fluffy tails and stubby little legs. They make really great companions and are entertaining to watch. I don't see myself ever owning another breed of cat!

~Nicole, owner of two Exotic Shorthairs